Inga Insberga (b. 1991) graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia with a bachelor's (2015) and master's (2017) degree in environmental art. Since 2012, she has been participating in group exhibitions in Latvia and at international design exhibitions abroad. Her Master's thesis project "SOAPSURD" explored the manipulation of mass media and the beauty industry, creating an installation of hyper-caricatured body parts cast in soap material. Since 2018, she has been actively engaged in oil painting. Her first solo exhibition, "WONDERWORLD," was displayed in 2020 at the Theater House "Jūras vārti." The works played on internet culture, taking an ironic look at popular trends, artificial perfectionism, and the cult of self-worship found in the social media environment. She has participated in plein air painting events organized by the Ventspils Museum in both 2020 and 2023, with two of her works now part of the museum's art collection.

Inga Insberga primarily works in the traditional oil painting technique. Her works are characterized by the presence of a pink color palette and symbols and figures found in pop culture. The paintings reveal color purity, subtle transitions of tones and precise lines. Her painting style is defined by realistic portrayal, complemented by a meticulous technical approach, resulting in a surreal aesthetic reminiscent of the virtual realm.

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